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On Point Fine Gardening is a creative, grass roots operation run by Asheville local, Ed Heidel.  This succa has a rich history in the field of gardening, with generations of green thumbs before him toiling the soil so his deep-rooted love for plants could grow.  

Turn Back Thyme

Ed sprouted up in rural Central Florida. A little rough around the hedges, encourage-mint was found as they dug up a natural inclination for plant life.  Ed, a strapping young sapling, mastered plant propagation with mother Bobbie as her plant nursery blossomed before his very eyes. 

The Plot Thickens

Ed eventually uprooted to Western North Carolina, and in no thyme this transplant took root in his new environment.   Ed taught biodiversity and sustainability at the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables, worked with Asheville’s Growing Minds: ASAP’s farm to school program, and as a long standing member of the Men's Garden Club of Asheville, served as education coordinator to bring garden programs into schools.  Ed has a B.A. from UNCA and an M.S.Ed. from the University of Miami, in Community and Social Change, has taken many classes in horticulture, and taught in Asheville City Schools. 

Though his path was variegated, this bud has called Western North Carolina home for nearly thirty years, with more than 40 years of gardening experience. 

 Plant Cactivists

Pinpointing their passion for people and plants, Ed has branched out into a new adventure. You see, he just can’t keep his plants to himself,  so On Point Fine Gardening was created, to graft this gift of the green into the hearts of his beloved community.  

On Point Fine Gardening  

 Whether your garden is still a little green or well established, OPFG has your ground needs covered.  OPFG will re-leaf your overgrown garden or bring your dream garden to life.  Personalized garden design is available for your home turf or commercial environment.  Together, we will point you towards a sustainable path of curiously curated cuttings to suit your needs, purge your weeds and knock your stalks off.  

Rooting For You

OPFG supports the unique, life-giving bond between people and plants and nurtures a well-informed gardening community.  If you haven’t botany plants lately, you’re invited to let OPFG prick your heart!  

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